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Mondy Cheer...
Home of the Badam Halwa

Loved the world over, our signature Badam Halwa is a unique, multi-generation family recipe. Almond-rich, saffron-lavished, ghee-infused… it has delighted people in over 15 countries, at last count.


We carefully select our almonds and responsibly source our saffron lots while making the Badam Halwa. And we make our own ghee (clarified butter) to blend the almonds in… just like at home.


The Badam Halwa is a nod to a sophisticated culinary tradition, passed down over several generations. The fragrance, taste and texture reflect a laidback and leisurely lifestyle of meditative sweet-making and mindful savouring.


Sri Vidya Surendar, the Founder of Mondy Cheer, learnt how to make the special brand of Badam Halwa from her mother-in-law, who in turn, learnt it from her mother, in Chennai, India.

Today, she personally prepares the sweet, which at most times needs to be pre-ordered to ensure delivery. For her, preparing the sweet is like meditating, and is about keeping the mind calm and serene.


And yes, like the other sweets and savouries available at Mondy Cheer, the Badam Halwa is free of preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours. 

Superfood Territory


Almonds belong to the pantheon of superfoods... for a reason – they are richly packed with healthy goodness. And that’s why we at Mondy Cheer so keenly blend them in many of the treats we prepare.


Almonds are rich in proteins and are a good source of calcium, Vitamin E and magnesium, so important for physical vigour and for mental clarity and happiness. Almonds are good for eyesight, nourish the brain and ensure the well-being of the central nervous system.


Almonds contain phosphorous, which promotes bone health and slows down or limits the onset of osteoporosis. They also contain fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin. Little wonder, everyone is constantly raving about them.


Did you know?

The name Mondy Cheer owes its origin to its unique Badam Halwa. Badam (almond) is the principal ingredient in the much-loved sweet. And Mondy derives from alMOND. As for Cheer, it is a happy-positive word, which best describes the experience Mondy Cheer wishes to give its customers.

Ghee (clarified butter)

The essentialness of ghee, or clarified butter, for good health cannot be overemphasised. Mindful of its therapeutic and restorative properties, we have made it an integral part of most of our sweet treats. And yes, it is lavishly used in preparing the Badam Halwa.


Ghee promotes physical and mental health benefits – of course, when consumed in moderation. It lubricates the joints and makes the body supple. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Ghee contains healthy fats, which help burn fat and lose weight. It also contains butyric acid, which reduces inflammation and also promotes immunity. Ghee is rich in Vitamin A, which works wonders for eyesight.


From a food preparation point of view, ghee is incredibly healthy. It has a high smoke point – it breaks down into free radicals only at 250 degrees C – making it ideal for cooking towards the objective of healthy living. At Mondy Cheer, we love ghee for this alone, as how we prepare the treats is as important to us as how they taste.

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