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Mondy Cheer was established in 2017 in Dubai with the objective of preparing and serving traditional, authentic and gourmet Indian sweets, savouries, snacks (including the ‘Steamed Goodness’ range), nutrition-rich mixes and condiments.

Mondy Cheer follows a principled approach to preparing and serving the treats – it strictly avoids adding any preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours. All the treats are prepared in store in Dubai, under the motto: ‘From stove to the storefront in 30 minutes’.

Mondy Cheer also adheres to the policy of preparing and serving a select number of items, with a focus on quality – aroma, taste, richness of texture and a pleasing after-taste. The variety is still rich to be of interest to a diverse mix of customers.


Mondy Cheer is also particular about the lavish use of superfoods in preparing its treats – be they almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios or ghee (clarified butter).

Mondy Cheer is a magnet for discerning customers, with the gourmet sweets, savouries, mixes and condiments a favourite with even those in Asia, continental Europe, United Kingdom and North America.

Our Story

"Oh My God! This is so good!" This was the typical response Sri Vidya Surendar, the Founder of Mondy Cheer, received, whenever she served friends and family Badam Halwa (almond sweet-treat) after an evening meal at home. The same sequence of events played out... of delightful discovery, followed by minutes of pleasant silence, as they swirled the halwa on the spoon and savoured its softness and intermittent crunchiness. Such was the appeal that second-helpings were a given, "Oh, I mustn't, but this is SO GOOD!"


Sri Vidya would inevitably pack a jar of halwa as a take-home gift, and the comments would come the next day: "Oh, we couldn't stay away! We've finished it already. You really must start a sweet shop."


Whilst the Badam Halwa – with its distinctive taste, soft texture and subtle whiff of saffron – was a huge draw, the others, like the Moong Ladoo, blended with almonds, and so soft it would melt in the mouth, had everyone in raptures. Friends brought their friends over, the latter eager to find out what the fuss was all about. The calls grew louder and louder.

And that's how Mondy Cheer started. 'Mondy', because Sri Vidya loved to blend alMONDs in almost everything she prepared. And 'Cheer', because it is such a happy-positive word.

Mondy Cheer, established in 2017, is a homely sweet shop tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood of bustling Dubai. Calling tradition as a witness – she learnt how to make the Badam Halwa from her mother-in-law, who in turn, learnt it from her mother, in Chennai – Sri Vidya serenely prepares her sweets and savouries just like at home. Her team and she go about their work with loving care and attention to detail and with the intention of serving up a healthy, nutritious treat, be it for people who walk in or for those who have pre-ordered for a party at home or at the workplace.

Mondy Cheer follows a principled approach to preparing sweets and savouries, with no preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours added to the treats. After all, these have no place at home. Why should they in a sweet shop?

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