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What customers say about Mondy Cheer:

"Superb! Quality products with premium ingredients. The samosas are the best in Dubai. All must try the samosas and other savouries."

Wilfred Franco

Our pledge

The sweets and savouries we make contain no artificial colours, artificial flavours or preservatives. These have no place in a home. Why should they in a sweet shop?


Our pledge is why you will not see the typical glisten or sheen on sweets and savouries. The only shine in our treats, if you like, is owing to the ghee (clarified butter) we blend into them, keeping in mind that it is so good for the body.

The ‘homemade’ mark

The sweets and savouries we prepare have the ‘homemade’ mark of uniqueness in the way they look, which is only natural, because they don’t roll off an assembly line. The taste, texture and the fragrance you so openly appreciate are consistent, however, and we take delight in saying so.


We swirl and stir our Badam Halwa (almond sweet-treat) with individual care and attention and follow the same approach while preparing our Moong Laddoo or Murukku (Chakli). Come, see!

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